So last night, my work sent me home. Apparently overtime is not something they encourage. I sat in my biiiig chair, watching the Gilmore Girls marathon and, during commercial breaks, thought about cleaning my house. But then I was sucked into a vortex that is sometimes better known as The Hallmark Channel. Now, the Hallmark Channel is your basic-sappy-made-of-cheese-movie channel. It’s a little better than Lifetime in that it is more uplifting (no battered wives or women losing their children, things of that nature), but it is still a cheesy mess.

So anyway, I’m watching this movie about a girl who asks Santa for a boyfriend, and 20 years later, Santa provides Patrick Muldoon. Ah, sweet Patrick Muldoon. Thou art the king of made for tv chick movies (and Melrose Place, for a little while). In this movie (aptly named “A Boyfriend for Christmas) Patrick Muldoon pursues a girl, while lying about his identity, with much chaos, hilarity, and schmoopiness ensuing.

Blah blah fishcakes, right? Wrong. It occurred to me, as I shouted at the television, “No Patrick Muldoon!! Don’t lie! Don’t do that!! Haven’t you ever seen any ChickCheeseMovies?? You don’t *do* that,” it occurred to me that I would be excellent at life…were it a ChickCheeseMovie.

The rules are simple. You will get into silly misunderstandings, which will all serve to make you think your life is out of control. Then, once you’ve recognized the out of controlness of your life, you will then take necessary actions to regain control, by doing any or all of the following: breaking up, making up, making out, start a diet, end a diet, run a mile, run some more, clean your house, clean your car, clean your office, run some more miles, clear up misunderstandings, then live happily ever after.

I could do that. My life? Not so simple. But, we will pretend for now that I am living in a Hallmark movie, and in this format, I will chronicle the exciting things that happened this week, while adding in a few fictional bits, just for amusement sake. It will be fun! And it will kill time while I wait for my roommate to finish being schmoopy on the phone with her silly boyfriend so that we can watch JofA finally!

Okay, so here it is! The movie about my week, aptly titled: Her Week.

Our movie begins with snow falling gently upon my hair (which was perfectly shiny and curly). There was snow because I will *not* live in Texas during any of my movies and because I’m taking artistic license (ie, it’s my movie and I will lie if I feel like it). Okay. Snow, pretty hair, etc. We see our heroine walking up the steps of a lovely brick building, carrying a-

You know what? I don’t have the patience for this, which is probably why I’m not in any Hallmark movies. I’m just going to *tell* you the exciting news of my week:

I. Have. A. Major. Yup, that’s right! A real, honest to goodness major! And I will graduate with this major in about 67 hours. Class hours, not day hours, but I say it like that because then it sounds closer! And when you’ve been in college for 13 years, as I have, closer is better…always better. Anyway, that major is Social Work. And I’m going to graduate, and then maybe work for CPS for a year, and then go to graduate school, anywhere I choose!!! This might be my big chance to get out of Texas! Sorry Toommate, but Texas sucks! And your dog sucks! Ooooh.

Her dog really doesn’t suck. I’m just antsy to watch JofA, and I’m lashing out childishly. I’m a rogue, actually. A big rogue.

Anything else I want to talk about? Um…finals are coming up. We are going to decorate the apartment for the holidays on Wednesday. What else…oh! Shout-outs to Billy and Rashelle! Yay for getting married! And *not* in a Christmas Tree Skirt! And I get to be in Houston in 2 weeks to see my friends! So see, this is all good stuff. Plus, Toommate brought me FOUR books today! Just in time for finals, but still. Four fun books.

Mood at the Moment: ANTSY!!!! TOOOOOOOOMMATE!

Music at the Moment: Christmas songs, sucka!! Deal with that!