So the other night I dreamed I was getting married. . .again. This time the wedding wasn’t in Canada. It was in a normal church, with normal people, and a normal dress. It was actually quite lovely. Anyway, after the ceremony, I was all excited. . .you know, ’cause I was married and all. But then the groom was all, “Well, it’s been real! I have to take off, but I’ll see you in a few days!”

Jigga what?? What kind of groom leaves right after the wedding! He didn’t even stay for the reception, which was weird enough because *I* would *never* marry somebody who didn’t appreciate cake. And there is cake at a reception. So anyway, he said he had to go, and I didn’t want to be Naggy McNaggerson five minutes into my marriage, so I didn’t say anything about how sad I was.

I woke up from this dream with tears on my face. . .and promptly asked everyone I know what they think all these cu-razy dreams might mean. My friend, who I shall call Fig Jam because that is her name, had the best interpretation. She says that my dreaming about marriage represents the next phase in my life, something I feel ready for but haven’t accomplished or experienced yet. It seems to be happening, but it is unfinished–hence, the groom leaving, no honeymoon, no cake, no closure.

Man. That Fig Jam is one smart mofo. She’s right, too. Here, I will explain, as it is 6:30 in the morning and I’ve been up since 4:45 making caramel rolls for a meeting at work in two hours. But now I’m stuck waiting for the rolls to rise, so I’ve got time to kill.

On Thursday, I registered for classes. Thursday night, Toommate and I spent a couple of hours looking at classes online and printing out our degree plans so that we could scribble out the classes we’d taken and add up the hours we have left. If Toommate’s math is correct (which it should be, as she is the smartest math genius alive), I have 72 hours left. I’m almost 24 years old and I still have 72 hours of school left. That’s 5 semesters, if I take at least 13 hours each semester. Upon discovering that I still have a good 3 years left, I did what anyone would do: I tried to register for 20something hours. Now don’t worry, I have realized that 20 hours is cu-razy. Of course, I only realized that when it hit me that I was trying to fit 14 hours of spanish into two semesters, but still.

I see the end now, more than I ever have. I’ve finally chosen a major, which may surprise some of my friends when I see them at our First Annual Christmas Extravaganzazazaza. I’ve decided on Social Work which, for those of you keeping count (and if you are keeping count, you need to get a life more than I do!!), that is my 7th major. Dude. It just occured to me that I’m like the smoker of changing majors: I start and then stop and then start back up again. But I swear, this time I mean it!!

Five years ago, I was a freshman at A&M. Five years ago, I was taking (and earning a D in) intro to Psych. I am now taking (and earning an A in) intro to Psych. Five years ago, I was deciding on a major and getting excited about it. Now, I have decided on another major, and I’m very excited about it. Five years ago, I was a new student in a new city with new friends. Now, I’m a new student in a new city with new friends. Is this the Matrix? Did I go back in time?

It’s just surreal, I guess. But I’m *so* happy with where I am. I have a job I love (usually). I have the world’s greatest Toommate. I even kind of like her “dog.” I love school. Love it! I’m so excited about the classes I’m taking next semester. I actually get to take Abnormal Psychology! And I’m taking it with 2 friends from this year’s Psych class: Kortnee, who is just wonderful; and Steve, who is also in my Sociology class right now, and who I’m going to try to talk into taking Spanish with me. They are probably the first two real friends I’ve made at UTA, besides Toommate, and I learn so much from them. Kortnee makes me laugh and Steve helps me see things from so many different angles. I honestly can’t think of any other people I’d rather sit by in class…I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t get to sit by them!

The point of all of this? The dream: I am obviously excited about everything coming up (ie, the wedding) and at the same time, frustrated that I’m not already a professional and frustrated that I still have a ways to go (the groom leaving and stupid Canada not letting me in). The groom himself is the same every time which makes sense (as Annette pointed out) as he is someone who has been around through almost every change and transition over the past four years.

Good. Now that I have those dreams figured out, maybe I am due for a fun dream where I’m flying, or even one of those sexy dreams. I wish I could special order my dreams, like pizza! Call up the Dream People and say, “Good evening! I’m going to be falling asleep at around midnight tonight. I’d like to order one Flying, one Amazon Queen, and three Pirate Johnny Depps, all to be delivered at 50 minute intervals during the night. And could you please add some spice to those Johnny Depps? Thanks so much.”

Mood at the Moment: Sleepy, and frustrated with the stupid slow-rising caramel rolls!

Music at the Moment: Joni Mitchell “Both Sides Now”