So I had this crazy dream last night and I’m just not sure what to make of it.

I dreamed that I was getting married, which is already nuts because I am in *no* hurry to get married any time soon. But anyway, in my dream I was getting married and I was all excited about it. My roommate was going to sew my wedding dress (because apparently in Alida Dreamland, my roommate can sew) but she and I wanted to make my wedding dress something funny, in order to make my groom laugh when I walked down the aisle. Because that is the whole point of going through the wedding ceremony: gotta make the groom laugh.

So we were going through options of funny dresses when she pulls out this red and gold, hideously guady Christmas tree skirt. We decide to make my dress out of that. Awesome. Just. . .awesome.

Toommate gets busy making my wedding dress, and I get busy collecting the RSVPs from my guests. But as this is my wedding, and I can’t do anything normally, even in Alida Dreamland, I sent my invitations out using Yup, I totally sent internet wedding invitations. Well, the invitations went into half my friends’ junk mailboxes, so half of them didn’t even realize I was getting married!! So they couldn’t come.

And this is where it gets very weird. Apparently my groom and I had decided to get married on Christmas Eve. . .in Canada. Yup. Canada. Don’t ask me. I have no idea. But as we were getting married on Christmas Eve in Canada, the rest of my friends couldn’t make it.(Because I sent out the evites the day before the wedding. Alida in Dreamland procrastinates too!)

So I’m standing at the gate of Canada, in my Christmas Tree Skirt Dress (which totally made the groom laugh!), with my groom and Toommate. Well, Groom and Toommate get through the gate, no problem. But as I start to walk through and hand over my passport, the Canadian Guards stop me.

“We’re sorry Miss, you are not allowed back in Canada. We haven’t forgotten what happened the last time!”

Jigga what? What happened the last time? I was freaking out, shouting things like: “Who isn’t allowed in Canada? Everybody is allowed in Canada! Shoot, Canada isn’t even real!!! Are you KIDDING me? Hey, jerkface, quit blocking the stupid gate!! I want to go to Canada! I have to get maaaaaarried!”

I look to Groom for help, but he just shakes his head at me. We proceed to have this conversation:

Me: Dude! Come back!

Groom: Dude, I can’t! I have to get married.

Me: Yeah, to me!! And I’m not allowed in Canada anymore!

Groom: Well, the invitation you sent me said the wedding was in Canada. So I have to go to Canada. I’m sorry.


Groom: We can get married when I come back!

Me: When will that be?

Groom: After the wedding, of course!


And it went back and forth like that for awhile, while Toommate was standing there telling me I looked amazing in my Christmas Tree Skirt Dress! Shut it, Toommate. My groom won’t leave Canada!

So that was my dream. I have *no* idea what to make of it.

But I definitely blame Canada. Stupid pretend country.

Mood at the Moment: Well, I was happy, but now I’m all pissed off at Canada again!

Music at the Moment: Warren Zevon- “Keep Me in Your Heart”