We’re all stocked up here!

Okay, here’s a quick nod to the BoSox. You played well, boys. You played with heart, soul, and class. I was impressed. And I’m looking forward to another match up next October. ALCS 05!!!

Yanks, I still love you! I’m behind you 100%, you’ll just have a better view of me if you get rid of Arod the Assclown. Enjoy your off season, and try to find your heart. See you in April!!

I had a very funny dream last night. I dreamed that I was entered into a talent show without my knowledge. All of a sudden, I was up on stage with a microphone, and I had to sing something.I can’t sing. At all. But the audience seemed like they liked me a lot, so I didn’t want to let them down. I took the microphone, held it to my lips, and started singing. This is what came out:”If you had…one shot. Or one opportunity. To seize everything you’ve ever wanted. One moment. Would you capture it? Or would you let it slip? Yo.”As I started speaking that, who jumped up into his chair but EMINEM himself?!? He was LOVING it!!! He nodded at me to sing the whole song, and so I did. I started rapping, pacing back and forth, using my free arm to make sharp gestures, and glaring at the audience. And the whole time, Eminem (yes, Eminem) was standing in his chair, *smiling* at me.

What do we think this means?

It could mean I’m crazy. I think we all know this, and it would come as a surprise to NOBODY. Wait, what’s that? Is that a kid in the back? You what? You need proof? Okay, here is proof of my craziness:

(See how I did that? How I invented a fictitious kid in the back so that I could tell this next bit? I’m all stocked up on crazy!)

Yesterday I ran into Toommate on campus. First time to run into her on campus this year. It was very exciting for us. We ate lunch together (Toommate bought me a soda!) and then she had to go take a Biology test. Because she is in Biology. Because she is a Geology major. And a “Physics” minor. In short, Toommate is one smart mofo. ANYWAY! I was walking her to her class, and somehow we got the idea that it would be funny if *I* took the Biology test with her. And so I did. I borrowed a scantron, went into her classroom, sat behind her, and pretended not to know her. I introduced myself to many people…and I got to use my alter-ego, Mona Filange. Yes, I know Filange is from Friends, but I have yet to find a better fake last name. I will take suggestions. So I chat with the people around me, and then I took the 50 question test! And I actually think I got some correct answers!

Who does this? No normal person does this! So there you are, fictitious kid in the back. There is your Crazy Proof.

Mood at the Moment: Sleepy and contemplative, as Toommate and I just watched Eternal Sunshine.

Music at the Moment: Neutral Milk Hotel-“King of Carrot Flowers, pt 1”