No my brotha…you have to go buy your own!

Topic right now: My roommate (or Toommate as she was called, long ago, in a vodka-induced haze).

Tonight she was going to study, so we went to Barnes and Noble so that I could buy a book to read so that I wouldn’t bother her. I have to study too, but I just can’t make myself do so on a Friday night. It seems unnatural, kind of like any of the projects the Brady kids did after their show ended.

So I bought The Second Summer of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I read the first summer yesterday, and now I can’t wait until the 3rd summer comes out in February. Definitely wonderful books.

Anyway…Toommate. I started out reading on our balcony, but I was attacked by some invisible, buzzing bug. Fearing the worst (zombie crickets) I came inside. But I was lonely reading in my big chair, so I went into Ktastic’s room to read while she studied. I was in the zone, but she was intent on pulling my attention to silly biology facts. To anyone else, this would be annoying, but to me, it was one of the reasons she is great. Who else would try and grab my attention by throwing squishy balls at me, or finally just singing, “Peeenis, penis, penis!!” in my ear? Well, my friend Zach would, and he’s great, so that’s probably another reason why I think Toommate is so fun.

It’s nice to live with somebody who can make you laugh. You know what? I like bulleted lists, so here is a bulleted list about reasons Ktastic rocks my face off:

-She’ll come running into my room whenever I call her. It’s like having my own puppy! But she is house-trained! Mostly.

-She is better than I am at rationalizing treats. She tells me I deserve to eat the pudding cup because I had a cold. And I’ll tell her I feel fine, and she’ll say, “Well…have you ever had a cold? There you go!”

-She listens to me sing in the car and has gotten really good at keeping the mocking looks off her face.

-She helps me when wild animals bother me. (You know what I’m saying).

-She is sensitive to my two greatest fears, crickets and zombies, and I know that she would go to battle if either of those things threatened my existence in any way.

-She’s one funny mofo.

-She knows to laugh when I say, “Possuuuuuums!” or “He’s got a little filly!”

-She lets me try out all of the lotions on her night stand…all of them.

-She participates in Roommate Movie Night Wednesdays.

-She listens to everything I say. Even when I’ve said it a lot before, and I’m sick of hearing it. She still listens.

I bet you are all jealous that I have a Toommate and you do not. As you should be. I think all that business overseas could be solved by everyone getting a Toommate. Well, and also some changes in the White House, but mostly everyone getting a Toommate.

Tomorrow we are going to a festival in my hometown. We are going to eat corn and potato chips, kettle corn and lemonade. Then it is back up to our apartment to have our Fall Extravaganza. There will be pumpkin carving and caramel eating, and movie-watching, and probably a free pizza thrown in the mix.

Now I miss her. Even though she is in the apartment, less than 100 feet away. So I’m going to go hang out in her room. And you can just sit there and be jealous!

Mood at the moment: Mega-Toommate Love

Music at the moment: Dione Warwick, “That’s what friends are for.” No, kidding. Real music: Red House Painters, “Grace Cathedral Park.”