So my roommate has an online journal, and last night I was reading some of her old entries and it made me sad that I didn’t have one. Because what could be more fun than sharing my thoughts with complete strangers? Nothing! Well, I guess a few things could be more fun…maybe eating ice cream with Dave Matthews or possibly hanging out with Slash…and definitely anything having to do with water guns. But not much else!

My voice left me last night at around 10:53, and now I sound like a 63 year old man who has smoked his entire life. It’s very sexy. But the Yankees beat the stupid boston red sox (red sox? more like…red SUX!), so a girl can’t be too sad.

Next on deck this evening: Studying some more for my 485 page Psyc test (blaargh), laundry with Toommate, maybe a caramel or two, and definitely a shower. Good times.

Mood at the Moment: floopy and a little twirly.

Music at the moment: Nancy Sinatra singing Bang Bang.